Sunday, April 5, 2009

Relief Is Here - Act Now!!!


  1. I have tried banging my head. Honestly, It sometimes helps a headache. Or, at least makes you forget the headache

  2. No problem with head banging during those good old youth days, it would worsen my headaches nowadays :)

  3. I have this sign taped on the glass panel on my cubicle at work. I am skeered to use it, I know I would break the glass

  4. After a morning of trying to figure out EC and ads, this is EXACTLY what I need...

  5. The circle is too small for my head. It's really frustrating...

  6. Oh I'm so taking advantage of this.....

  7. @ Hit 40 - Now, if you become unconscious, I suggest you refrain from further head banging.

    @ zunnur - I never head-banged, made me dizzy. Oh, was that the point?

    @ dizzblnd - Well, then tape it to your desk or any other unbreakable surface - like a marble counter top.

    @ Lidian - EC is the very reason I posted this - I gave up and just rejected everything until I can figure this PAID AD situation.

    @ Ryan Garns - Oops! Try using just your forehead.

    @ dani c - Careful!


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