Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Virtual Road Trip: Phoenix Day 1

Welcome to Phoenix, Arizona!!!

I am your host for this segment of The Virtual Road Trip. This trip across North America, and later across the big pond, is being brought to you by Humor Bloggers Dot Com. During our tour, please take the time to click the links for additional information and also click the photos for a closer look - I don't want you to miss a thing.

I trust you are finding your accommodations suitable here at the Wigwam Golf Resort and Spa. For those that would like to get in 9 holes this morning, I'm sure you'll find one of the three championship courses to your liking. And, for those that would prefer to relax in the plush surroundings of the 26,000 square feet spa, your massage will prepare you for our busy day ahead. 

Woo hoo, it's time to head 'em up and move 'em out little doggies. That's cowboy talk for "get on the bus, damn it". We're expecting the temperature to reach 100 degrees today. So, please keep yourself hydrated and be sure to wear sunscreen. 

Oh, Frank, ummmm...I dunno, long black socks with sandals?

Our first stop this morning is the Heard Museum. I never tire of visiting the Heard. This unique museum houses over 32,000 pieces of cultural and American Indian fine art. The Heard also hosts a number of events and festivals throughout the year such as the World Championship Hoop Dancing. This is a thrilling and colorful event; it's definitely a don't miss it if you find yourself back in this area next February.

Okay, for you sports enthusiasts, our next stop is the Chase Field ballpark, home of the 2001 World Series champions, the Arizona Diamondbacks.  The retractable roof is an awesome feature unique to this ballpark and allows for comfort regardless of the weather. Unfortunately, the D'backs are playing in Kansas City tonight, but we can watch the game on the big screen later this evening if you like. We Arizonans love our baseball!

Rambler, now THIS is the big league!

Anyone hungry? There's a taco stand not too far from the ballpark that I know you'll enjoy. You'll find a variety of south of the border treats here.  Carne asada (beef), carnitas (pork), fresh salsa and a refreshing rice water drink called "horchata". These are some of the local favorites on the menu. And, of course, there's plenty of ice cold Mexican beer. Grab a curbside table and take in the scenery. 

Now, where's Da Old Man? C'mon, pick up the shuffle, the bus is leaving!

I think a nice way to work off our lunch is with a leisurely stroll through the Desert Botanical Garden. Nestled in the red buttes of Papago Park, this 50-acre garden has one of the world's finest collections of desert plants. Don't worry, this stop isn't all about cacti, I've arranged to jazz things up a bit. There's a small pavilion at the end of one the trails where a jazz trio and dessert is waiting our arrival. Ahhh, can it get much better than this?    

Yes, Etta, there are more gift shops to come!

Our next destination is for the thrill seekers. We are going to make a quick stop at one of Phoenix's amusement parks, Castle N' Coasters. There are a number of roller coasters, water rides, miniature golf and carnival type games. I suggest you brush up on your skills at the shooting range, this might come in handy later in the trip.

Brookeamanda, you're looking a bit water-logged. Enjoyed yourself did ya?

Can I get a show of hands? How many were aware that architect Frank Lloyd Wright had a project here in Arizona? It's called Taliesin West which is located in the foothills of the McDowell Mountains and surrounded by the beautiful Sonoran Desert. This sprawling complex houses the FLW Foundation and the FLW School of Architecture. Our guide will give us all the fascinating facts of this living memorial to one of the greatest American icons.

Ready for our final stop of the day, Reforming Geek?

We are heading out to Pinnacle Peak Patio for a cowboy cookout and fiesta. I've reserved us a private spot on the desert to enjoy one of the fine steaks at this world's largest steakhouse. We will first be entertained by a Mariachi band and folklorico dancers. Then, for those that would like to strut your stuff on the dance floor, a cowboy band will finish tonight's line-up of entertainment.

Ladies and gentlemen, this concludes day one of our tour in Phoenix. When you arrive back at the resort, please take advantage of some of the amenities offered by this fine establishment. But, I do suggest you try to make it to bed early, we leave for some grand destinations very early in the morning.

I bid you a good-night.

Click here for day two.


  1. Wow Margo, you done great!

    Very nice recap of what The Valley of the Sun has to offer.

    (I thought there was some brouhaha a few moons ago about the outdoor dancing? Weren't some of the richies complaining about the potential for too much noise? I obviously don't remember how it ended.)

  2. Nice! Was that 100 degrees celcius or Farenheit? I think I'll stay in the pool...

  3. Great job! I love these virtual tours they are so much fun!

  4. *Changing to argyle socks with sandals* Super job, and who knew the hula hoop had such cultural significance?

    VE: If it's 100 Celsius, I'd get out of the water -- those bubbles all around you aren't from gas.

  5. Nicely done, Margo, and I feel like I'm in the big leagues now, with all the links back to everyone's locations. Extremely well done.

  6. Black socks and sandals? Frank's from Toronto where everyone dresses like that. Nice tour Margo, I'm sold. Hope your red butte's better soon.

  7. Nice! Its time to take a trip :) lol

  8. Awesome! That was fun. I'm ready for tomorrow. I can handle 100 degrees. Bring it on. Also, I'm glad I can get my fix of "mex" food. Although I had to do Tex-Mex on my tour, I prefer more Mexican and less Texas if you know what I mean. My favorite is some of the foods of Northern New Mexico.

    The coaster ride was great. Can we go again?

  9. Nicely done. By the way. with all the spicy foods between here and our last stop...pull my finger.

  10. Thank you all for joining today's tour, I hope to see you all tomorrow!!!

    @ Quirky - Yes, there was an issue at one time, but PPP was allowed have music and dancing until 11 pm.

    @ VE - OUCH! That's Fahrenheit.

    @ Frank - Argyle? Well, I guess, as long as they are shorter than the ones you had on today.

    @ Dizzy - It was just as much fun for me to put this tour together. I love traveling and planning a trip.

    @ nonamedufus - He's switching to argyle! (sigh)

    @ My Undiary - Glad you joined us today.

    @ Reforming Geek - Weeeeeeee, I'll ride with you!

    @ Da Old Man - No thanks, ask Frank.

  11. Sweet. Love the pictures too. Ya know, the museum and amusement park look great. The mariachi and folk dancing needs to stop. That may be fun for some, but I hate that crap. I was forced to watch that stuff when I was in the Cub Scouts, and to this day don't care for it.

  12. Arizona looks awesome. You should work for the Chamber of Commerce :)

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