Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wacky Wednesday! Hear Me Roar!!!

I've never put too much stock in the daily horoscopes. Trust me, if I did, I'd be rich and famous beyond belief.

According to those two or three little lines, I'd be leading some third world country to world domination while finding a cure for every disease on the planet. I'd then write about all my fabulous quests, appear on the talk show circuit and would later write, produce and direct the film with Kate Hudson starring as me. Believe me, it's not easy being the king of the Zodiac.

Because my birthday is later this month, I thought it would be fun to explore just what the future holds. Here's what I found...

Leos are born optimists. They never worry about the future, and the future doesn't give a hoot about them either. Leos always have a silly smirk on their face that reveals their happy-go-lucky nature and will eventually make everyone hate their guts.

Leos really have it coming! One day they will find themselves in a horrible misadventure that is incredibly stranger (and infinitely more amusing) than any silly story they ever told. The saddest thing is that they will be certified crazy, bound in a straight jacket and removed from society as soon as they actually get to talk about it.

Humbling, isn't it? I suppose I should prepare myself for the worst of it. Nah, I'll just lock the doors and hide under the covers when the men in white come knocking. Yeah, that's the ticket!

Though I wonder, do they make straight jackets in purple?


  1. Sure, you joke about it, but I actually worry about crap like that happening to me. And I'm not a Leo. Then again, spell Leo backwards, put a "J" in front of it, and you've got my first name. Coincidence? I think not.

    Happy early birthday! So, will you be thirty-something yet?

  2. @Joel - Man, you're really reaching there aren't you, leo spelled backwards + J? Good gravy, I'm sooooo beyond thirty-something, thank god!

  3. What are you saying? That's not a coincidence?

    About the 30-something ... I was just trying to be gentlemanly. Unless you lied on your Blogger profile, I knew that. However, if your Blogger profile is accurate, you are still a younger than I am. (I'm 56.)

  4. Gah! That sounds like a dream come true for me!

    Free room and board and no more pressure to look...nice.

    I think purple is a great color and I'd take a straight jacket anyday. Just think of all the books you could read (in peace), the blogs you could write (in peace), the sudoku puzzles you could solve (in peace).

    You had me at straight. *smile*

  5. @Quirky - Thanks for the positive spin, I was beginning to think I was doomed.

  6. After a day like today I'd take a rubber room for one please. I keep clicking my heels and saying "summers almost over". Whatever happened to Calgon taking me away??? Ive tried it and I still end up here! Maybe Im not doing it right??

  7. Happy Birthday Leo! Since when do they straight jacket the King of the Jungle? Leo's SHINE - shine on girl! (and ROAR!)

  8. lol, my son is a leo and that just scared


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