Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Me-Me's Playhouse: Caption This! No. 41

Yipeee, tomorrow is Halloween! Spooks, ghouls, super heroes and a princess or two will line the streets in search of tasty treats or brains, if they happen to be zombies. For this special edition of Caption This!, I have chosen a photo in honor of All Hallows Eve.

Caption This! photo in the comment section below, you may enter as often as you like --contest ends Friday at midnight. Then return here on Saturday when the winner will be announced. The winner, of course, takes home the lovely Golden Phallus.  Good luck and happy captioning!

Once you are done here, please stop by Dufus' and Chelle's places for more captioning fun! 

I hope you all have a safe and happy Halloween.


  1. The Penguin's latest disguise was a smashing success. He left his poker buddies penniless.

  2. Hannibal Lecter's wife, Annibelle, passes the time playing poker while awaiting her husband's release from prison. Little known fact: Annibelle invented what's come to be known as the "poker face".

  3. What? I ran out of paper to do the full Vader mask. Suck it up.

  4. Facial reconstruction patients play strip poker between surgeries.

  5. Everyone playing strip poker hopes that the mask is the LAST thing that Griselda removes.

  6. Eleanor had heard that 1 Pair were no match for a Royal Flush so she put on her protective gear, and braced for impact.

  7. Gloria wore her protective mask because she sorely misunderstood the term "poker face".

  8. Sorry I skipped out on the caption contest this week, I was mourning my lost 41st year of life. *sobs*.

    By the way, that is my own statement, not the caption for that lovely picture up there. For that, I say...

    "Marge decided to wear the latest invention engineered to guard against drunken opponents who insisted that the term 'poker face' actually meant 'poke her face'".

    ??? I suck at these!! lol


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