Saturday, February 20, 2010

Caption This! No. 32 Winner!

Hello all and thank you for playing the Olympic edition of Caption This! As you can see the guy in the photo has definitely confused the day's event...the luge. He thought the call was for the loo and attempts to mount the throne at the starting line.

The Panel has handed down their decision and the following have received a most-honorable mention......

Tgoette said...
"I am Dukiyama, defender of the toilet bowl. Beware my almighty stench!"

Kelly said...
"Yung Chin Wang: Protector of Toilets, Defender of Turds"

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...
"Yogi has his game face on as he makes his first attempt at toilet diving. The key is to have very little splash and to try to not disturb the turd in the pot."

Ziva said...
"The new sport doggy style luge didn't quite make the 2010 Olymic Games, but became an instant hit in Japan. The key to success, young Suzuki Ichiro soon discovered, was to eat, breathe and pee doggy style."

mac said...
"Tanaka sincerely regretted his decision to swallow Godzilla whole."

And the winner is.....

Today's winning author and recipient of The Golden Phallus is the one and only..... Mrs. Blogalot!!! Congratulations, rise from your throne and take a bow!

You really must pay her a visit today and follow her, here's just one reason why.....she would actually drink tomato sauce from the can if it were socially acceptable. Like Jerry Seinfeld, Mrs. Blogalot definitely offers a new spin on life's day-to-day ups and downs. Bet your bottom, her blog is positively a must read.

Now, the winning craption....erm, uh.....caption.

"As Young Flush takes the lead in the imaginary Tidy
Bowl games,
visions of coming in number 2
spurs him on to victory!"

Again, thank you all for playing, hope to see you here again next week. Have a great weekend!


  1. Hee hee hee.

    That was a good one.

    My synapses have been failing A LOT of late. I look at these photos and nada. Zilch.

    Nothing except maybe I need another DDP! HA!

  2. That caption was great. Congrats to uber-blogger Mrs.Blogsalot!

  3. Now that the Tidy Bowl games are over, Young Flush can clean crappers in this house.

  4. haha.

    And I love that you said bet your bottom. I'm going to fit that saying into my day somehow. You can bet your bottom...done.

  5. NO WAY!!! NO WAY!!!!!!!


    Thanks so much for this golden greatness Me-Me and all the kind words!!!! #32 is now my new favorite number!!!

    Please tell the Panel that this time the check is definitely in the mail !(-:

  6. They're all great, but I have to agree with the judge panel - the winner definitely wins THIS bowl game!

    The Old Silly

  7. Congrats, MrsBlogalot!

    Or should I say, "Smooth Move!"

  8. That was a fun one indeed. Congrats to Mrs. Blogalot on her exquisite use of making sure number 2 was included. ;-)

  9. Congrats Mrs. Blogalot. Very creative caption!

  10. Well done Mrs. Blogsalot! And very appropriate! Thanks for the shout-out Me-Me!

  11. Congrats Mrs. Blogalot, way to go! And thanks Me-Me for the most-honorable mention. I am most honored to be mentioned.

  12. HAHA That was awesome.
    Congrats Mrs. Blogalot

  13. It was fun :-)

    Congrats Mrs Blogalot. You really know your crap ;-)

  14. Congrats to the winner... and thanks for the honorable mention. :)

  15. Congrats to Mrs. Blogsalot! I'm one of her biggest fans.

  16. When you were born to luge, but come from a small island in the tropics, you do what you have to.


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